When I go places I’m always looking for creative & innovative ideas that I can put my own spin onto.  The penny project was just that.  How many of you have been to Vinsetta Garage? If you have been you may have noticed that the bathroom floor is covered in pennies.  Wow what a cool look, my wheels started turning.  I settled on the risers of the stairs.  This is what you are greeted with when you walk in the front door of my house.DSCN0212

Had I realized I was one day going to do a blog and show my projects I would have done a better job of documenting.  Unfortunately I do not have any before pictures.

As I have stated in the past I really don’t like to read directions or do research I just jump in head first and figure it things out as I go along.

I started by painting the risers of the stairs black, I figured it would fade into the background better then a brighter color.

You can see things got really high tech with my elmers glue!  You can also see what happened on the last stair in the photo if you don’t let the glue set up.  I did have to remove some pennies repaint and re-glueIMG_1063

I did not create a pattern with the pennies and I did not wash or shine them.  I tossed them out and however they landed (heads or tails)  is how I glued them on.  I do have them lined up perfectly (I hope).

This was a very tedious project but I love the outcome.  Each stair took approximately 3 to 4 hours and has about 3 to 4 dollars with of pennies.


The pennies did not fit on the stairs perfectly, part of this fun project was cutting the pennies to fill the space.

I finished right here with no coating over the pennies.  I will see how it wears and later I may add a top coat of Mod Podge.



6 thoughts on “My Penny Project

  1. Hi I would love to do this with navy carpet on top. Do you think this would work. What glue did you use? Thanks,


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